Basic Measuring Tools

Our Basic Measuring Tools training labs teach participants the correct usage and procedures for verifying the accuracy of measuring devices commonly used at your facility, including Go/No-Go Gauges, Pin Gauges, Linear Indicators, Depth Gauges, and Height Gauges. These basic gauges are used by most quality, machining, & tooling departments.

Each video/worksheet combination focuses on a particular measuring tool. The steps outlined in each course ensure the tool is being used properly and providing reliable measurements. Users will learn best-practices for handling and storing measuring equipment, stabilizing tools and part features for improved accuracy, and how to perform a simplified verification (also known as a “Field Check”) for each tool covered in the training series.

Based on Routsis Training’s exclusive SkillSet™ training model, these labs combine online instructional videos with hands-on training exercises — covering the background, purpose, required equipment, and operating procedures required to use each tool properly. Participants will practice inspecting the compliance of particular part features and documenting the results of these inspections — useful skills for ensuring consistent delivery of high-quality parts to your customers.

This product consists of 7 essential training labs:

Using a Go/No-Go Gauge

While this type of gauge is one of the most basic inspection tools, it is critical to use these tools properly. In this lab, participants learn how to quickly and reliably determine whether a part is acceptable or not by using a go/no-go gauge.

Using Pin Gauges

Pin gauges are used to determine the diameter of a hole or to measure the gap between two surfaces. This training labs teaches participants how to use pin gauges — with emphasis on correctly holding the tool and securing the part for inspection. In the associated worksheet, the student determines whether a specific part feature is within specification by taking pin gauge measurements and documenting the results.

Using a Linear Indicator

Linear indicators are typically used for taking repetitive or comparative measurements. In this lab, the participant learns how to prepare the device and accurately obtain a positive or negative relative measurement — in order to determine whether a particular part feature in within the specified tolerance range.

Using a Depth Gauge

Depth gauges are designed for taking depth measurements quickly and easily. This lab covers the usage of both digital displays and analog dial indicators. Participants will use a depth gauge to determine whether a specific part feature is within specification and document the results of these inspections on their worksheet.

Using a Height Gauge

This lab instructs participants in the correct usage of a height gauge. By watching the instructional videos and completing the associated worksheet, they'll learn to correctly measure a specific part feature using a height gauge and document the result. Both digital and analog displays are covered in this training lab.

Field-Checking a Depth Gauge

In this lab, the participant learns how to perform a “field check” in order to determine if a particular depth gauge is functioning properly. The online videos teach them the important differences between quick field checks and laboratory calibrations. By successfully completing the associated worksheet, the student demonstrates their ability to quickly verify the measuring tool’s accuracy.

Field-Checking a Height Gauge

Before taking height measurements, it's critical to ensure your height gauge is functioning properly. This training lab stresses the difference between true calibration and rapid field-checking. Particpants learn and demonstrate the correct procedures for field-checking a height gauge in order to ensure reliable, accurate readings.

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