Certification for Plastics Professionals

The importance of proper training is undeniable. But how do we verify that a particular employee has the knowledge and skills to successfully perform their job? The answer is benchmarking. And the easiest way to train and benchmark your employees is Professional Certification from Routsis Training.

For individuals, certification can help advance your career and standing within the industry. For companies, having a certified workforce gives managers confidence that their team will be able to rise to the challenges of a modern manufacturing environment — and lets customers know you’re committed to continuous quality improvement.

We offer a variety of online certification exams for Injection Molding, Mold & Part Design, Extrusion Blow Molding, Single Screw Extrusion, and Twin Screw Extrusion. For injection molders, we also have a hybrid online/hands-on exam, which is required to achieve our Advanced Scientific Processor Certification.

To help candidates prepare for and successfully attain certification, we offer comprehensive training packages specifically geared toward each exam. For small and mid-sized companies, our Professional Certification Portals provide a convenient, cost-effective way to train, benchmark, and certify your employees. We encourage larger companies to take a look at our exclusive RightStart™ in-house training system.