Interactive CD/DVD-ROM Training

Routsis helped pioneer CD-ROM training in the early 1990s – when other companies where still pushing the VHS and Laserdisc formats.

Similarly, Routsis is now leading the way to online plastics training. Our newer courses are not being developed for CD-ROM – and are available only as online training. However, many legacy courses are still available on CD-ROM.

Our Interactive CD/DVD-ROM training libarary includes the following topics:

  • Injection Molding, Extrusion and Blow Molding
  • Part Design / Mold Design & Moldmaking
  • Basic Measuring Tools / Blueprint Reading / GD&T
  • SPC / DOE
  • Health & Safety Training

For a complete list of training titles available on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, please download the CD/DVD-ROM version of our Training Catalog.

Iprax CourseWorks®

CourseWorks® is the software application used to deliver, manage and track our interactive CD/DVD-ROM training programs. The latest version of CourseWorks™ is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 7 PC operating systems (including 64 bit systems), as well as all existing CourseWorks™ training courses.

NOTE: CourseWorks® is NOT required for our Online Training Programs.