Individual Training for Plastics Professionals

As a plastics professional, you’re witnessing the rapid evolution of plastics processing technologies. You know you need continuous plastics education and training to stay ahead of the changes and advance your career. Well, look no further than Routsis.

A Complete Range of Convenient, Practical Plastics Training Programs

Training lectures don’t engage. Occasional events don’t stick. And the traditional shadowing model is too slow and no longer practical. What you really need is a new approach to training: Routsis Training will inspire you in your career like never before:

  • A way to learn at your pace – through a powerful online portal that’s accessible anytime and fully equipped with progress tracking tools.
  • The best attributes of traditional one-to-one training – continuous interaction, critical feedback and individual pacing.
  • Training you can use throughout your career focusing on the manufacturing environment, continuous improvement and problem solving, not just on individual products or machines.
  • A proven path to advance your career – by augmenting your skills through Routsis’ renowned programs.

Explore Routsis Training’s course library or one of our popular online packages. Questions about how to get started – or how to get your company involved? Don’t hesitate to contact us.