Measuring Tools SkillSet™ Labs

Our Measuring Tools courses are based on Routsis Training’s exclusive SkillSet™ training model. This unique learning experience combines detailed, step-by-step online video instruction with hands-on worksheets. These courses teach participants correct usage and procedures for verifying the accuracy of measuring devices used at your facility.

Each video/worksheet combination focuses on a particular measuring tool. The steps outlined in each course ensure the tool is being used properly and that it’s providing reliable measurements. Users will learn best-practices for handling and storing measuring equipment, stabilizing tools and part features for improved accuracy, and how to perform a simplified verification (also known as a “Field Check”) for each tool covered in the training series.

Routsis Training’s Measuring Tools courses are ideal anyone that works with measuring tools: operators, inspectors, technicians, engineers, machinists, quality and maintenance personnel, research and development, metrology, field support, tooling… Nearly everyone at your facility needs to know how to use these tools correctly.

The Measuring Tools training labs discuss common gauges, indicators, calipers and micrometers. Both analog and digital displays are covered — as well as both Imperial and Metric units, making these courses relevant to a wide range of applications and manufacturing facilities around the world.

These courses are grouped in 3 different levels, comprising 3 separate products: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Please view each individual product below for specific information about which tools and techniques are covered in each level.