Routsis RightStart™

A complete, customized in-house training solution

Our RightStart™ process is unlike any other workforce training program in the world: It’s designed to jump-start your company’s continuous plastics training initiative. RightStart™ enables your people to quickly develop, maintain, and advance the skills they need to make your company profitable today — and keep it profitable tomorrow.

Here’s a quick look at how the RightStart™ process works:

  1. Routsis Training creates a custom training plan for each job title at your facility. Depending on your needs and the number of employees, this can either be done remotely or with an on‑site visit to your plant.
  2. Drawing from the world’s largest plastics training library, each training plan delivers a highly effective combination of online training and SkillSet™ labs & worksheets — as well as benchmarking and certification exams to ensure your employees’ competency.
  3. All training materials are based on current industry best practices.
  4. Working with your management team, Routsis Training will develop custom hands-on mentoring materials for each job title — ensuring that our training relates directly to your production environment.
  5. We’ll show you how to implement, track, and customize your RightStart™ training portal — allowing you to immediately begin reaping all the benefits of your new in-house training initiative.
  6. Routsis Training’s world-class customer support ensures your company will continue to get the most from your RightStart™ in-house training system.

The Best, Most Up-To-Date Content

Comprehensive training for your entire workforce

RightStart™ gives your employees access to a potent combination of up-to-date online training courses, unlimited course study guides, focused skill-development worksheets, and customized hands-on exercises. In these materials, we also share practical industry tips — things we’ve learned during more than 30 years in the trenches of plastics-manufacturing. Your employees learn more than just how to operate specific machines, they also learn to think; enabling them to solve problems and support continual improvement at your organization.

A Secure, Custom Learning Management System (LMS)

Your own powerful dedicated online training portal

Your employees access their training materials through your customized online RightStart™ portal. You use that portal to track progress and measure the success of your training initiative. The portal is also your entry point into our learning management system (LMS), which handles all aspects of a blended training initiative, from adding users and creating assignments to administering offline training events and generating progress reports. It runs in any web browser over any Internet connection and does not require additional software. The LMS will also contain all of your in-house, online, and hands-on training materials, providing excellent centralization.

Ongoing Training & Collaboration with Plastics Experts

Our trainers & plastics engineers provide world-class support

Our interaction with you doesn’t end once your training program is underway. Our on-staff plastics experts are always accessible and available to provide technical support. To help your program stay on track, a professional, experienced plastics technical trainer monitors your training program from our end. This individual will be familiar with production environments and all aspects of processing, materials, troubleshooting, and best practices. If he or she notes areas of concern, such as an incorrect calculation, a misunderstanding, or a missed interpretation of the data, we’ll let you know immediately so you can keep your employees — and your production — on track.