Scientific Molding Skills Portals

Cost-effective plastics training & hands-on skills development for small and mid-sized companies

A Scientific Molding Skills Portal from Routsis Training combines foundational eLearning with critical skills-development labs. This in-house training system teaches your production personnel how to develop, document, optimize, and evaluate a robust Scientific Molding process — skills that translate directly into increased productivity and profitability for your company.

Employees start with the fundamentals and quickly progress, performing our hands-on labs on your facility’s production equipment — from intermediate process documentation & development to advanced process optimization & evaluation skills.

32 courses on 1 powerful portal — available in 6 languages

Each "Skills Portal" comes pre-configured with 6 Scientific Molding 101 courses, 13 Intermediate SkillSet™ Labs, and 13 Advanced SkillSet™ Labs. Each online course and all related hands-on training materials are available in 6 different languages:

One Training System, Three Learning Tracks

Students will be enrolled in one of three tracks, depending on the skills they need to perform their job. Our Fundamental courses are geared for non-technical employees, such as material handlers, inspectors, and front office personnel. Technical employees (technicians, setups, supervisors, etc.) continue on to skill-building labs for process development & documentation. Process technicians and engineers should be enrolled in the Advanced track to get access to all the content — including the SkillSet™ labs for process evaluation and optimization.

Fundamental Courses

All participants begin with the basics. Our “101” course grouping establishes a consistent knowledgebase for your facility while emphasizing all aspects of safety. These courses cover the equipment and process — using the production terminology and concepts that every employee should learn.

Ideal for getting new hires up to speed quickly, these courses are also a great way to ensure all employees are “speaking the same language” on your production floor, irrespective of their experience level.

Intermediate SkillSet™ Labs

These labs provide skills-development instruction and worksheets for the documentation and development of a robust and reliable Scientific Molding process. Your employees learn critical scientific molding skills the correct way — from injection and packing to tonnage and screw recovery — using your machines, molds, and materials. These skills can be applied immediately to their everyday job.

Advanced SkillSet™ Labs

These skills development labs focus on evaluating & improving a Scientific Molding process. Your top processors learn how to test important aspects of the process; such as viscosity, deflection, and imbalance — as well as how to optimize cooling, screw recovery, and part removal. These skills can be applied immediately to improve existing processes at your facility.

How does the Scientific Molding Skills Portal work?

It’s easy. We’ll help you determine the number of active seats you need and set everything up for you. Your employees can start training almost immediately. This self-paced, interactive learning and skills development labs are perfect for employees who want to improve their knowledge and skills.

Once an employee has successfully completed their assigned training, their seat can be used to train another employee. Over time, this “rolling” registration system can be used to train all your employees, while subscribing to a set number of seats. For example, your company may need only 5, 10, 15, or 25 seats to train all your employees over time. It’s an extremely cost-effective way to provide ongoing training to your workforce.

As part of the subscription, you’ll be provided with Administrative Access — allowing your training managers to easily add employees and track their progress. In addition to the detailed monthly reports we provide, your administrator can also generate and print customized reports directly from the portal.

Can we combine multiple languages on our company’s Skills Portal?

Yes. If your company has multilingual employees, you can train them in whatever language is most convenient. Use any combination of English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, and Bahasa Malaysia.