Evidence Portfolios for Plastics Professionals

Both individuals and companies will benefit from clear documentation of their experience & capabilities

Every plastic professional should have an Evidence Portfolio: to demonstrate your commitment to self-improvement and highlight your aptitude for achieving future goals. Operators, Technicians, Inspectors, Managers, and Engineers should develop a collection of professional accomplishments to quickly demonstrate overall capabilities and provide tangible proof of their experience.

If you’re an individual who’s developing a portfolio — or a company looking to promote the use of such portfolios in your workforce, Routsis Training is here to help.

Click here to download our free portfolio template with customizable cover page — as featured in the video above.


Degrees and Training Certificates

Certifications and degrees imply a certain level of knowledge. For training certificates, it is also a good idea to include course syllabi — to provide a clearer idea of exactly what was covered in the training.


Project Experience Documentation

Include documentary evidence of your participation in important work projects, including photographs, if available. This can help you demonstrate your skills — to give others a full picture of your professional capabilities.


Professional Recommendations

Gather testimony from others you’ve worked for or with — people who can vouch for your skills, knowledge, and professionalism.

Skill Exercises & Worksheets

Hands-on Training Exercises and Task Sheets

A structured training program, such as Routsis’s RightStart™ system, includes job-specific tasks to help establish and maintain proper daily work habits. Documentation of these tasks should be included in your portfolio.

Trade Associations

Memberships and Participation in Industry Events

Provide documentation about membership in any relevant trade associations, guilds, unions, or other industry bodies. You may also want to mention your attendance at industry-related events, such as tradeshows and conferences.