Professional Certification Portals

Looking for a reliable, cost-effective way to train and benchmark your employees? Here it is.

A Professional Certification Portal from Routsis Training delivers essential eLearning to your entire workforce. Their newfound knowledge and skills translate directly into increased productivity and profitability for your company.

Your new “Cert Portal” comes pre-configured with our most effective online training courses. Employees start with the basics and quickly progress to intermediate and advanced topics; teaching them the skills they’ll need to consistently deliver quality products to your customers.

One Training System, Two Learning Tracks

Students will be enrolled in one of two tracks, depending on how much they want to learn. Our Fundamental courses are geared for non-technical employees, such as material handlers, inspectors, and front office personnel. Technical employees — such as technicians, setups, processors, engineers, and supervisors — continue past the fundamentals in preparation for their Certification Exam.

Fundamental Courses

All the participants begin with the basics. Our “101” course groupings establish a consistent knowledgebase for your facility while emphasizing all aspects of safety. These courses cover the equipment and process — using the production terminology and concepts that every employee should learn.

Ideal for getting new hires up to speed quickly, these courses are also a great way to ensure all employees are “speaking the same language” on your production floor, irrespective of their experience level.

Professional Certification

While the Fundamental Training is generally sufficient for non-technical employees, other job positions demand more advanced knowledge and skills. The courses in the Professional Certification learning track cover process parameters, lean manufacturing, troubleshooting, and other topics — ensuring your technical staff’s competency on the production floor.

After completing the training assignments, your employees can demonstrate their knowledge by successfully completing the Level 1 Professional Certification Exam. Every technician, supervisor, manager, and engineer on your production floor should achieve this Certification.

How does the Professional Certification Portal work?

It’s easy. We’ll help you determine the number of active seats you need and set everything up for you. Your employees can start training almost immediately. This self-paced, interactive learning is the perfect tool to prepare them for their exam. Employees can take and review these courses as many times as needed.

Once an employee has successfully completed the exam, their seat can be used to train another employee. Over time, this “rolling” registration system can be used to train all your employees, while subscribing to a set number of seats. Most companies only need 10, 15, or 25 seats — meaning you don’t need an active seat for everyone at your facility. It’s an extremely cost-effective way to provide ongoing training to your workforce.

As part of the subscription, you’ll be provided with Administrative Access — allowing your training managers to easily add employees and track their progress. In addition to the detailed monthly reports we provide, your administrator can also generate and print customized reports directly from the portal.

Why is Professional Certification important?

Most people in our industry understand that proper training is critical. But companies need benchmarks to verify a particular employee has the requisite knowledge to perform their job well.

Furthermore, having a Certified Workforce gives management confidence that their employees can rise to the challenges of a modern manufacturing environment. An in-house training and certification program also lets your customers know you’re committed to continuous quality improvement.

Can we combine multiple portals?

If your company runs multiple processes, our sales representatives can assist you in choosing the most cost-effective way to train your whole workforce. One common scenario is to combine certification training for Injection Molding with Mold & Part Design.

Other “hybrid portals” blend our Single-Screw Extrusion Certification with Twin-Screw Extrusion Certification. Injection Molding/Blow Molding Certification Portals are another popular choice. Just let us know what you do, and we can easily configure a system that meets your facility’s training needs.