Blow Molding Professional Certification Exam

Routsis Training’s globally recognized Professional Certification demonstrates a broad-spectrum understanding of the blow molding industry.

In order to attain certification, candidates must have a working knowledge of blow molding safety, machinery, processing, materials, and quality — and demonstrate a solid understanding of current industry best practices.

Who Should Consider Certification:

Anyone working in the blow molding industry should consider participating in our Certification for Blow Molding Professionals. For individuals, this certification can help advance their careers and industry standing. Companies should strongly consider offering this certification exam to their employees. A certified workforce gives managers confidence that their team will be able to rise to the challenges of a modern manufacturing environment.

How to Get Certified:

This comprehensive exam is conducted entirely online. The test takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete — with a time limit of 3 hours. Upon completion of the exam, participants are immediately notified whether they’ve passed or not, via email. Those who attain a passing score will receive both a frameable certificate and a wallet-sized card, via post, within two weeks. Those who do not pass receive a detailed report indicating areas in which further improvement is needed.

Question Categories:

  • Blow Molding Safety
  • Basic 5S & Housekeeping
  • Extrusion Blow Molding
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Plastics Material Basics
  • Basic Quality & Mathematics
  • Basic Equipment & Machinery Maintenance

How to Prepare for Certification:

Although preparation training is not necessary to achieve certification, participation in Routsis’s structured Blow Molding training can greatly increase a candidate’s chances of successfully completing the examination. Most of our corporate customers use Routsis Training’s exclusive RightStart™ in-house employee development system. For individuals and small companies, we offer an online training package specifically geared toward preparing for and attaining certification.

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1 Online Exam (1-3 hours)

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Extrusion Blow Molding Certification Training Package

This training package is designed to deliver essential training to extrusion blowmolding operators and technicians. The courses in this package cover the blow molding process, extruder operation, plastic materials, drying technology and math skills.

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23 Online Courses (21-37 hours) + Guides + SPE Supplement + Exam

price: $997.00

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