Injection Molding

Company-Wide Employee Training

Advanced Processing Skills for Your Entire Workforce

For more than 30 years, plastics manufacturers have trusted Routsis to provide effective, continuous training. Our RightStart™ and SmartTech™ in-house training systems are used by plastics processing facilities worldwide — delivering essential training to thousands of individuals each and every day.

Routsis’s unique approach allows your company to cultivate and sustain the highly-skilled workforce it needs to succeed in today’s highly-completive marketplace.

The Routsis RightStart™ System

Our exclusive RightStart™ program allows your company to take advantage of the power and flexibility of its own dedicated online plastics training portal. Your custom portal provides instant, round-the-clock access to our online training courses. This Learning Management System (LMS) is custom-branded with your company logo and handles every aspect of your company’s training initiative — from adding users and creating assignments, to administering offline training events and generating progress reports.

To kick-off the RightStart™ process, our expert trainers visit your plant; working with you to create custom training plans for each employee at your facility. We also generate job-specific tasks to help establish and maintain proper daily work habits. In addition, we’ll we show you how to implement, track, and configure your training — allowing you start training immediately.

Preconfigured Training Portals

First introduced in 2022, these preconfigured training portals are an increasingly popular option for small and mid-sized companies. If you are looking for a reliable, cost-effective way to train and benchmark your employees, look no further: Certification Portals and Scientific Molding Skills Portals allow your company to train its entire workforce over time, with a limited number of concurrent trainees. These systems are quick and easy to setup — letting your employees begin training almost immediately.

A certified workforce gives managers confidence that their team will be able to rise to the challenges of a modern manufacturing environment — and lets customers know you’re committed to continuous quality improvement. Routsis offers globally-recognized certification programs for Injection Molding, Scientific Molding, Extrusion Blowmolding, Extrusion (Single Screw and Twin Screw), and Molded Part & Mold Design.

Our “Skills Portals” are an ideal choice for injection molding facilities looking to deliver affordable hands-on skills training to their technical staff. Your technicians, setups, processors, and engineers progress through our 26 Scientific SkillSet™ Training Labs at their own pace, using your facility’s materials, molds, and production equipment. This training system develops critical skills for documenting, developing, and optimizing a robust scientific injection molding process — skills that translate directly into increased productivity and profitability for your company.

SmartTech™ Instructor-Led Training

Routsis Training’s SmartTech™ program is the most effective training available for plastics processors and technicians. This unique combination of face-to-face instruction, online training, and hands-on learning gives your employees the advanced processing skills they need to deliver consistent quality and to systematically reduce waste and eliminate unnecessary downtime.

During our SmartTech™ training sessions, two-thirds of the time is spend at the machine — helping your company improve efficiency, increase profitability, and boost its competitive position.

Although most of our SmartTech™ training revolves around Scientific Injection Molding processes, we also offer custom training sessions — specifically focused on your company’s processes and production needs, such as plastic part design and blow molding. Please contact us for more information about customized hands-on training sessions at your facility.

World-Class Workplace Training

At Routsis, we understand how important it is for your company to have a reliable system of continuous employee training. Our customer support is second to none. Routsis’s plastics engineers, training experts, and IT personnel are committed to providing you the very best training available. Hear what some of our customers have to say about us: