Professional Certification for Extrusion Personnel

Routsis Training’s globally-recognized Professional Certification provides a way to ensure extrusion personnel have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Certification helps individuals advance their careers and increase their standing in industry. For companies, a certified workforce provides confidence to management and customers alike. It lets everyone know that their workforce is ready and able to rise to the challenges of a modern manufacturing environment; continuously improving quality and efficiency.

Our Extrusion Certification program is based on current industry standards and best practices. We currently offer two variations of this certification, each specifically geared toward Single Screw or Twin Screw extrusion operations.

Both our Single and Twin Screw Extrusion Professional Exams cover…

  • Extrusion Safety
  • Basic 5S & Housekeeping
  • Single or Twin Screw Extrusion
  • The Extrusion Process
  • Product Quality & Troubleshooting
  • Material Handling
  • Plastics Material Basics
  • Basic Dimensions & Mathematics

For corporate customers, our Extrusion Certification Exams dovetail perfectly with our RightStart™ training system. In addition, we proudly offer exclusive training packages to individuals and small companies — with courses specially selected to help participants attain certification.