Processing Parameters for Scientific Molding

This 3-part training program will provide participants with a better understanding of the parameters involved with a scientific injection molding process and the control panels of injection molding machines.

This course is beneficial to die setters, process technicians, maintenance personnel, engineers, and anyone else using the control panel.

Part 1 - Introduction

  • Scientific Molding Overview
  • 5 General Rules for Scientific Molding
  • Understanding the Process Controller
  • Common Units for Process Parameters

Part 2 - Process

  • Process Inputs versus Process Outputs
  • 1st Stage Injection Inputs and Outputs
  • 2nd Stage Packing Inputs and Outputs
  • Cooling Inputs and Outputs
  • Screw Recovery Inputs and Outputs
  • Other Commonly Found Process Inputs

Part 3 - Part Removal

  • Mold Open Settings
  • Part Ejection Settings
  • Core Pull Settings
  • Mold Closing Settings
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3 Online Courses (3-6 hours)

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