RJG’s Decoupled Molding℠

These online courses convey many of the concepts and theories covered within the RJG Decoupled Molding℠ training seminars.

This four-part training program starts with the major components of the molding process, and progresses to systematic troubleshooting.

The Decoupled Molding℠ system is an ideal processing method intended for anyone interested in optimizing an injection molding process.

Part 1 - Introduction to Decoupled Molding℠

  • Discusses polymerization, crystallinity, additives, regrind and degradation
  • Lists necessary components of a proper part design
  • Describes the injection molding process in depth; from filling to cooling
  • Covers molding machine components and their functions in depth

Part 2 - Decoupled Molding℠ Techniques

  • Compares traditional and Decoupled Molding℠
  • Defines the three Decoupled Molding℠ techniques
  • Covers transducers and proper transducer placement
  • Introduces signal conditioners and display devices

Part 3 - Reading and Interpreting Data

  • Provides participants with an understanding of graphs and scaling
  • Explains how to identify different types of graphical curves
  • Introduces the various integrals used in Decoupled Molding℠
  • Compares ideal and inconsistent pressure curves

Part 4 - Systematic Troubleshooting

  • Discusses the importance of proper process documentation
  • Explains the appearance and symptoms of defects
  • Introduces logical steps involved in troubleshooting defects
  • Describes common processing defects, their causes and corrective actions
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4 Online Courses (4-6 hours)

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