Extrusion Training

Plastics extrusion companies have relied on Routsis Training for over 30 years. Our training programs have helped extruders reduce their scrap, downtime and operating costs. Today, Routsis Training’s online courses are used by thousands of individuals in processing facilities and educational institutions worldwide.

Our plastics engineers and expert trainers will help your company set and attain specific production goals — delivering improved safety, efficiency and profitability.

Online Extrusion Training for Individuals and Companies

Routsis’s online extrusion courses and training packages are an ideal choice for individuals seeking to establish, optimize, and maintain an efficient extrusion process.

For companies looking to take training to the next level, our exclusive RightStart™ implementation is the fastest way to get your in-house training program up and running. The RightStart™ process begins with a visit to your plant. From there, we create a custom training plan for each employee. We’ll show you how to implement, track, and configure your training — so you can start training your employees immediately with your new online training portal.

Top-tier and global corporations can take advantage of our Content Licensing options — allowing your company to host our online training courses on a third-party Learning Management System (LMS).

Individual Training

Company-Wide Training

Print Reading Courses

In today’s extrusion facilities, it’s critical that production and inspection personnel are able to locate and interpret dimensions on an engineering drawing. The 6 interactive online courses in our Blueprint Reading Series are a perfect way to develop these skills.

Lean Manfacturing & Quality Assurance

Routsis’s online 5S training program makes it simple for your company to instill Lean Manufacturing principles. These courses help your employees establish and maintain a safe, clean, and efficient working environment. The 5S Series uses our exclusive SkillSet™ training model, which combines online training videos with hands-on training labs and worksheets to be performed on the production floor.

Proper usage of measuring tools is critical to delivering top-quality parts. The 21 SkillSet™ courses in our Basic Measuring Tools series teach employees how to correctly use the most common measuring devices — such as gauges, indicators, slide calipers and micrometers. Procedures for verifying the accuracy of such tools (“field-checking”) are also demonstrated in these training labs.

In order to consistently deliver quality, it’s essential to have a good understanding of basic mathematics. Developed specifically for extrusion personnel, our Math for Extruders training program covers mathematical concepts to help simplify common tasks and promote high-quality output.