The 5S System

5S is a critical component of Lean Manufacturing. The 5S system is used by successful manufacturing facilities worldwide. It consists of 5 simple and concise steps – Sorting, Straightening, Sweeping, Standardizing, and Sustaining – that can help your facility reduce clutter and waste and, ultimately, increase efficiency and productivity.

Production SkillSet™

Our online 5S training courses are built on Routsis Training’s exclusive SkillSet™ model. These courses combine clear online training videos and hands-on worksheets. This approach allows companies to perform the same type of classroom learning found in popular seminars in the comfort of their own production environment.

Each unique training course is a blend of the following components:

    Your technicians understand the goal of each Production SkillSet™
    Technicians learn specifically how each Production SkillSet™ applies to their job
    Items are detailed to ensure techs have the tools they need to succeed
    Each step is demonstrated so your techs can proceed with confidence
    Contains all the information your techs need to succeed with each SkillSet™

Step 1: Sorting

In the 5S System, the Sorting step’s goal is to eliminate all unnecessary items from the immediate workplace. This is done by sorting the workplace to determine what to keep, what to toss, and what to store. This helps prevent clutter from interfering with everyday production activities.

Step 2: Straightening

At the end of the Straightening step, everything in the workplace is neatly organized; resulting in a more convenient and more efficient workplace.

Step 3: Sweeping

In the Sweeping step, the best method for cleaning each selected area in the workplace is determined. A reasonable cleaning schedule should also be determined to ensure the workplace remains efficient, clean and organized.

Step 4: Standardizing

The goal of the Standardizing step is to achieve consistency. A similar appearance and layout should be applied to all workstations whenever possible. This step is often performed after a similar workplace or area within the plant has already been straightened.

Step 5: Sustaining

The purpose of the Sustaining step is maintenance. This is achieved by a review of the workplace and the existing Sorting and Straightening documentation – to ensure the workplace is efficient and up-to-date. This helps identify necessary materials or equipment that have been added to the workplace but have not yet been incorporated into the 5S documentation.

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