Injection Molding Training

For over 30 years, injection molders have turned to Routsis for their training needs. Our injection molding training programs are currently used in hundreds of plastics manufacturing facilities and educational institutions — and by thousands of individuals worldwide. We proudly offer the world’s largest, most comprehensive plastics training library with over 200 engaging, interactive online courses.

Our plastics engineers and expert trainers are committed to helping you set and attain your specific production goals — with improved safety, efficiency and profitability.

Online Training for Individuals & Companies

Routsis’s online injection molding training courses feature the best, most up-to-date content available. From basic injection molding courses to advanced troubleshooting and maintenance training programs, we’ve got it covered.

For individuals and small companies, our online training courses and packages can help you develop advanced processing skills — allowing you to optimize any injection molding process. We also offer globally-recognized Certification for Injection Molding Professionals.

Companies of all sizes will benefit greatly from our dedicated Online Training Portals and our RightStart™ implementation system. For top-tier and global corporations, we offer advanced Content Licensing options — allowing your company to host our online training courses on its own existing corporate Learning Management System (LMS). For top-tier and global corporations, we offer advanced Content Licensing options — allowing your company to host our online training courses on its own corporate Learning Management System (LMS).

For small and mid-sized facilities, we also offer preconfigured training portals. These portals let your company take advantage of our most popular plastics training courses and SkillSet™ labs without straining your budget. Our Certification Training Portals and Scientific Molding Skills Portals deliver essential training to your workforce — providing a cost-effective alternative to our RightStart™ system for smaller companies.

Individual Training

Company-Wide Training

Scientific Molding Training

Nobody knows more about Scientific Molding than the experts at Routsis Training. Our plastics engineers and trainers have worked with many of the world’s foremost plastics manufacturers; helping to streamline their injection molding operations and maximize profitability. We’ve distilled these experiences into cutting-edge online Scientific Molding training programs — making our massive knowledgebase available to individuals and companies alike: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Scientific SkillSet™ Series is an innovative combination of video-based online training and hands-on worksheets. Each of the twenty-six course/worksheet combinations focuses on developing important processing-related skills that translate directly to troubleshooting, optimizing and documenting any injection molding process. These SkillSet™ courses empower Scientific Molders — providing them with a level of proficiency previously attainable only by attending expensive seminars.

For injection molding companies looking to take training to the next level, we offer on-site Scientific Molding training. Our exclusive SmartTech™ training combines face-to-face instruction, a powerful online training portal, and hands-on skill development. Routsis’s SmartTech™ is the most effective way to train plastics processors and technicians.

Design & Print Reading Courses

For production and inspection personnel, it’s essential to be able to locate and interpret dimensions on an engineering drawing. Our Blueprint Reading Series provides a perfect way to acquire these skills.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing goes beyond the basic print reading concepts and develops participants’ ability to read and interpret GD&T symbols. This international engineering language is essential for communicating in the global marketplace.

Our online Design courses were created for plastics professionals involved in injection molded part design, mold design or mold manufacturing processes. The 6-part Plastic Part Design Series was developed in conjunction with Dr. Robert Malloy, a respected author and professor at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. For moldmakers and others involved in tool procurement, we offer a comprehensive 9-part Mold Design and Moldmaking Series.

Lean Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

A commitment to quality requires a commitment to continuous training. Built on Routsis’s SkillSet™ training model, our 5S System courses help you maintain a clean and efficient workplace.

Our Basic Measuring Tools SkillSet™ courses demonstrate correct usage and procedures for verifying the accuracy of common measuring devices — including gauges, indicators, slide calipers and micrometers.

A good understanding of basic mathematics is also an important aspect of delivering consistent quality. Routsis Training’s Math for Molders courses are an excellent way for quality personnel to refresh and improve their math skills.

International Language Support

Routsis strives to help our clients compete in the global marketplace. In response to customers’ needs (and in collaboration with some incredible individuals and organizations around the world), we’re proud to offer our most popular injection molding training programs in a variety of languages.