Routsis Training: Plastics Training Online

Complete Training for the Plastics Industry. Hands-on. Online. Ongoing.

A. Routsis Associates - interactive online plastics training solutions for manufacturing, plastic material / polymer / resin processing, engineering and design. Our Online and Interactive CD-ROM programs include Injection Molding Basics ( basic moulding ), Advanced Scientific Molding Training, Scientific Process Troubleshooting, molded ( moulded ) Plastic Part Design, Mold Design and Moldmaking ( mould design, mouldmaking ), molding machine and mold ( mould ) Maintenance, Hydraulics, and Blowmolding (blow moulding). Our Technical Skills courses include Blueprint Reading, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing ( GD&T), and Basic Measuring Tools. We also offer online Extrusion training programs for extruder operation and extrusion processes. Our Single Screw and Twin Screw programs (both co-rotating and counter-rotating) teach plant personnel about extrusion machinery, operations, processing, downstream equipment, safety and troubleshooting.

A. Routsis Associates has advanced courses that complement scientific processing technologies and seminars by RJG, Inc., for seamless integration with RJG's DECOUPLED MOLDING (SM), eDART ™ and Master Molder (SM) so that plastic molding facilities can train their workforce more efficiently and achieve optimal results.

Routsis’s Online Training Courses ( web-based training ) are perfect for distance learning applications. These online training programs feature rich video and multimedia content.

Each course (whether delivered on CD-ROM or online) contains high quality digital video, 3D animation, and relevant, practical information. Contact us today and receive FREE demonstration courses on CD-ROM ( cdrom ) or via Internet.

We also feature process simulation software. Simulator modules include Injection Molding ( moulding ), Pipe and Profile extrusion, Blow Molding ( blowmolding, blow moulding ) and Blown Film.

An effective in-plant educational program is essential for every maufacturer, processing facility or moldmaking shop in the industry. Experience dramatic process improvement, less downtime, faster setup, material / scrap reduction - monitor and track employee knowledege and competence. We also offer customized programs and plastics engineering services for your polymer processing plant / plastic manufacturing facility.

Learn more about plastics education, courseware, interactive CD-ROM ( cdrom ), Online Courses, interactive simulator program modules ( injection molding, blown film, profile extrusion and pipe extrusion , operator certification programs and partnerships with leaders of industry and industrial education. A. Routsis and Society of Plastics Engineers ( SPE ) - Partners in Plastics Education. Each course in our catalog is the finest available to the plastics industry, with technical content provided by leading industry experts. Our programs covers a wide range of material for personnel in all aspects of plastic part manufacturing, polymer processing, resin handling, design & engineering. From machine operators and technicians to moldmakers and management - everyone in your plant can benefit from our advanced learning technology. We hope you enjoy browsing our extensive product library.