Plastics Training Solutions from Routsis Training

Routsis Training develops and delivers complete onsite and online training solutions for plastics manufacturing plants and polymer processing facilities — for plastics technicians, engineers, part designers, moldmakers, and other personnel working in and around the plastics processing industry.

Our online plastics training programs include comprehensive courses for Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion, Part Design, Mold Design and Moldmaking, Blueprint Reading and GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing), and Lean Manufacturing & Quality Assurance.

Please contact us for more information. Our training experts and plastics engineers look forward to discussing your training needs with you.

Plastics Training : Hands-on, Online, and Ongoing Training for Individuals and Companies

Whether you’re an individual plastics professional or a company looking to train its entire workforce, Routsis Training is the ideal solution.

Professional Training for Individuals

Routsis is offers the world’s largest library of online plastics training courses. In order to provide plastics industry professionals with the training they need, we’ve grouped our courses into convenient online training packages — delivering practical and cost-effective self-paced learning.

Training for Your Entire Workforce

Routsis’s RightStart™ system is the fastest, most effective way to get your company’s in-house training up and running. With a dedicated Online Training Portal loaded with Routsis’s interactive online courses, employees have unlimited access to our online training courses. As part of the RightStart™ process, our expert trainers visit your plant; working with you to create custom training plans to develop the skills of each employee — and job-specific task sheets to help establish and maintain daily work habits. We’ll also show you how to implement, track, and configure your online training portal.

Enterprise-Level Training

For nationwide and global corporations, we also offer flexible Content Licensing — allowing such companies to host our online course content on their own Learning Management System (LMS).

Injection Molding Training: from Fundamental Courses to Advanced Scientific Molding

Our online injection molding training programs range from fundamental courses, such as Injection Molding Basics and Understanding Plastic Materials, to advanced Scientific Injection Molding courses.

Online Scientific Molding Training

Routsis’s Scientific Molding online training programs teach process technicians and molding machine operators how to establish, document, and troubleshoot a robust Scientific Molding Process. These courses cover all aspects of a Scientific Injection Molding process — from material drying to purging techniques and robotic part removal and finishing.

Scientific SkillSet™ Series

Our Scientific Molding SkillSet™ training labs combine online training with hands-on worksheets — to help injection molders develop advanced scientific injection molding processing skills.

Injection Molding Maintenance Training Programs

Our online molding maintenance courses cover Injection Molding Machine Maintenance and Injection Mold Maintenance, as well as Molding Machine Hydraulics and Process Control Systems.

Training for RJG Decoupled Molding (SM)

We also offer training specifically geared toward RJG Decoupled Molding (SM), RJG’s eDart™, and Master Molder (SM) seminars.

Routsis SmartTech™ Instructor-Led Onsite Training

Routsis Training’s SmartTech™ onsite Scientific Molding training combines face-to-face instruction, online training, and hands-on learning — giving your employees the advanced processing skills they need to deliver consistent part quality and to systematically reduce waste and downtime. During our SmartTech™ training sessions, two-thirds of the time is spend at the injection molding machine — helping your company improve efficiency, increase profitability, and boost its competitive position.

Blow Molding Training and Extrusion Training Programs

Routsis offers training for other plastics processes, such as Extrusion Blow Molding, Single Screw Extrusion, and Twin Screw Extrusion — which teach plant personnel about blowmolding and extrusion machinery, operations, processing, downstream equipment, safety, and troubleshooting.

Online Courses & Interactive CD-ROM / DVD-ROM

Although our most recent training programs are only available online, many legacy courses are still available on interactive CD-ROM. Each interactive course (whether delivered on CDROM or online) contains high quality digital video, 3D animation, and relevant, practical information.