Professional Certification Portal for Single Screw Extrusion

A Professional Certification Portal from Routsis Training is the most cost-effective way to train and benchmark your entire workforce.

Your new “Cert Portal” comes pre-configured with our most effective online training courses. Employees start with the basics and quickly progress to intermediate and advanced topics; teaching them the skills they’ll need to consistently deliver quality products to your customers.

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A Powerful In-House Training Solution with Four Distinct Learning Paths

Each Single Screw Extrusion Certification Portal has 4 different learning tracks. All students begin with Single Screw Extrusion 101 and take the Extrusion 101 Benchmarking Test. Technical employees then continue on in preparation for one of two certification exams, depending on their job title: Single Screw Extrusion Professional, or Single Screw Extrusion Quality.

Single Screw Extrusion 101

8 Online Courses + Study Guides, Benchmarking Test (8-16 hours)

Single Screw Extrusion Quality Certification Training

25 Online Courses + Study Guides, Worksheets, Benchmarking Test, Certification Exam (25-50 hours)

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Online Training Portal with 32 Courses and Related Materials + 2 Certification Exams

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†  Our Certification Portals are available in various configurations with a variable number of user seats. Please contact us for pricing. All prices are listed in U.S. Dollars (USD). Prices are provided for reference purposes only and are subject to change without notice.