Scientific SkillSet™ Series

Hands-on Training Labs with Online Instructional Videos & Worksheets

The Scientific SkillSet™ Series is a unique learning experience that combines detailed, step-by-step online instruction with practical hands-on labs and worksheets.

This exclusive training approach allows companies to perform the same type of classroom learning found in popular seminars in the comfort of their own production environment. Your employees will learn how to setup a repeatable process and troubleshoot effectively through Scientific Molding.

Each of the twenty-six course/worksheet combinations in this extensive series focuses on developing important processing-related skills that translate directly to troubleshooting, optimizing and documenting any injection molding process.

Each unique training course is a blend of the following components:

  • Background
    Your technicians understand the goal of each Scientific SkillSet™ lab
  • Purpose
    Technicians learn specifically how each Scientific SkillSet™ applies to their job
  • Equipment
    Items are detailed to ensure techs have the tools they need to succeed
  • Procedure
    Each step is demonstrated so your techs can proceed with confidence
  • Worksheet
    All the information your techs need to successfully complete each SkillSet™ lab

Intermediate & Advanced Hands-on Scientific Molding Training in 6 Languages

Grouped into two different skill levels, these courses give your employees practical experience in the application of Scientific Molding principles. Best of all, they’re performed on your facility’s own production equipment and materials — and in compliance with your company’s operating procedures and regulations.

Routsis is proud to offer all of these skills-development training courses in 6 different languages: English, French, Spanish (Mexican), Portuguese (Brazilian), Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin Chinese. These training labs are used in injection molding manufacturing faciltiies worldwide — from small molding shops to multinational companies. Every instructional video and worksheet is expertly translated, narrated, and titled.

With a Routsis Training Portal, these labs can be easily integrated into particular training plans for each employee, grouped by job title, skill level, and/or language. Please contact us about developing a custom training and skills-development system for your injection molding operation. It’s one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways your production personnel can develop real, demonstrable scientific molding skills. Employees who complete both the Intermediate and Advanced labs will know how to setup a repeatable process and troubleshoot effectively through Scientific Molding.

All our Scientific SkillSet™ online courses are cross-platform and are compatible with most modern web browsers and popular handheld devices, such as tablets and smartphones. This provides exceptional flexibility, allowing technicians to train at their own pace on the production floor.