Design and Print Reading Training

For over 30 years, the plastics industry has trusted Routsis to deliver relevant, effective training. Today, our online training courses are used by thousands of individuals in plastics manufacturing facilities, tooling shops, and educational institutions worldwide.

Part Design, Mold Design, and Moldmaking Courses

Routsis Training’s Plastic Part Design Series provides a detailed understanding of the plastic part design process — and many of the factors and concerns associated with part design. These 6 online training courses were developed in conjunction with Dr. Robert Malloy, a respected author and professor at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

Our extensive 9-part Mold Design & Moldmaking Series was developed with help from many of the world’s leading tool manufacturers and suppliers. These online courses familiarize participants with the different types of injection molds, contemporary machining methods, and many of the available mold components. This course also provides the participant with a tool design methodology and a sample mold specification guide for reference.

Professional Certification Programs for Part & Mold Design

Routsis Training’s globally recognized Professional Certification demonstrates a broad-spectrum understanding of the injection molded part and mold design. Successful candidates must have a working knowledge of mold and part design fundamentals, print reading, mathematics, basic scientific molding concepts, and plastics materials — and demonstrate a solid understanding of current industry best practices. We offer training packages specifically designed to help candidates attain certification.

Our Professional Design Certification Training Portals provide a reliable, cost-effective tool way to train and benchmark your employees. Your new “Cert Portal” comes pre-configured with our most effective online training courses. Employees start with the basics and quickly progress to intermediate and advanced topics.

Blueprint Reading and GD&T Courses

The ability to locate and interpret dimensions on an engineering drawing is an essential skill for quality personnel, technicians and engineers. Based on ANSI standards, the 6 interactive online courses in our Blueprint Reading Series provide an ideal way to acquire or refresh print-reading skills.

Our Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing courses go beyond basic print reading concepts — developing participants’ ability to read and interpret GD&T symbols. In today’s global marketplace, this international engineering language is an essential means of communicating product specifications.