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Customer Case Study #6

Company Name:

Thermo Fisher Scientific


  • Petaluma, CA (USA)

Product / Processes:

  • Manufactures disposable pipette tips, tubes and other supplies used in laboratory research
  • Part production, manufacturing support, tooling, maintenance, packaging and warehousing

Number of Machines:

  • 200+


  • Losing experienced molders to retirement or industry change
  • Maintaining a high-performing workforce
  • Proprietary equipment runs high-cavitation tooling with complex operator interfaces


  • Structured Ongoing Training:
  • Interactive training
  • Simulation software
  • Focused on-the-job training exercises

Number of Employees Involved:

  • 140

Immediate Improvements:

  • Further developing the skills of existing employees
  • Provide all machine operators with the same skills covering the diversity of machines in operation
  • Eliminate any issues when someone is out sick or out on vacation

Future Improvements:

  • Higher operator efficiency
  • More operator empowerment
  • Lower scrap rates
  • Reduced mold damage
  • Increased first-pass yield

Would you Recommend Routsis to Another Company?

  • Yes.

“The online training has helped our company so that we can move other employees into mold tech positions.”

Ira Burks (Human Resource Manager)