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Customer Case Study #8

Company Name:



  • Billerica, MA (USA)

Product / Processes:

  • Injection Molding: semiconductor carriers, LEDs, wafers, discs, biotech and more

Number of Machines:

  • 250+


  • As a leader in products that support high-technology manufacturing, Entegris requires a high degree of technical expertise throughout its global operation.


  • Structured Ongoing Training:
  • Interactive training
  • Simulation software
  • Focused on-the-job training exercises

Number of Employees Involved:

  • 500

Immediate Improvements:

  • Structured training is now in place for three different locations and is constantly evolving to handle new and more challenging applications

Future Improvements:

  • More versitile workforce to support the technical and challenging requirements of our customers

Would you Recommend Routsis to Another Company?

  • Yes.

“The Routsis team understands not only the technical aspects of injection molding, but also the educational side – how professionals learn and retain information. They demonstrated that knowledge in developing our program. They spent hours touring our shop floor and listening to us, then turned what they learned into custom training that gets us to the next level.”

Pamela Green (Project Manager)