SmartTech™ Process Master

4 Days of On-Site Training + 21 Advanced Online Courses & Professional Certification

This package gives participants an extended, well-rounded understanding of injection molding — with knowledge-based certification upon completion of the training. This 4-day course is perfect for anyone involved in process development, establishment, evaluation, optimization, or management.

SmartTech™ Process Master provides the necessary knowledge and skills to build, document, troubleshoot, and optimize Scientific Molding processes. In addition, participants are well-equipped to pass the Injection Molders Professional Certification Exam, which is included with this package.

Prior to the event, participants are required to take online courses to prepare them for focused technical discussions and labs. This preparatory online training allows the instructor to better focus the discussions on your equipment and materials during the actual training session. Online training is also used after the on-site visit — to reinforce and expand upon concepts learning during the hands-on training sessions.

The SmartTech™ Process Master program combines:

  • Pre-Requisite Online Training
  • Face-to-Face Instruction
  • Hands-On Skills Development
  • Post-Requisite Online Training
  • SmartTech™ Process Master Completion Exam

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If you are interested in customized Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion, or Design training sessions at your facility, please contact us to discuss your training needs and production goals.

SmartTech™ Prerequisite Online Training

10 Online Courses

Day 1 : Classroom Discussion Topics

  • Injection Molding Safety
  • Establishing 1st Stage Injection
  • Process Inputs vs. Outputs
  • Establishing 2nd Stage Packing
  • Check Ring Repeatability
  • Barrel Purging Concerns

SmartTech™ Day 1 : Practical Skill Development

  • 1st Stage Injection Speed Determination
  • 1st Stage Injection Transfer Optimization
  • Maximum 1st Stage Injection Pressure
  • Maximum 1st Stage Injection Time
  • 1st Stage Check Ring Evaluation

Day 1 : Day 1 : Skills & Learning Objectives

  • The importance of good housekeeping and machine safety
  • Machine guarding and personal protective equipment
  • Industry best practices for processing and troubleshooting
  • 5 rules of effective and efficient scientific processing
  • Understanding process parameters for 1st Stage injection
  • Basic optimization of 1st Stage injection and transfer
  • Fundamental scientific (DII or short shot molding) methodology
  • Proper setting of maximum 1st Stage injection pressure
  • Correct and incorrect uses of injection velocity profiling
  • Transferring 1st Stage injection to 2nd Stage pressure by weight
  • Understanding process parameters for 2nd Stage packing
  • Properly compensating for material shrinkage with pressure
  • Effective 2nd Stage packing pressure establishment techniques
  • 2nd Stage packing time determination using part weight
  • Proper cushion sizing techniques to compensate for variation
  • Establishing a 90 to 95% 1st Stage fill based on part weight
  • Determination of upper and lower acceptable packing pressures
  • Optimization of final packing pressure to compensate for variation
  • Practical gate seal time determination techniques
  • Graphing of part weight vs. 2nd Stage packing time
  • Selection of optimal 2nd Stage packing time for variation compensation
  • Techniques for obtaining the optimal final cushion sizing
  • Adjustments to shot size and transfer position for proper cushion sizing
  • 2nd Stage Clamp optimization for venting while minimizing flash
  • How to perform a Check Ring evaluation during 1st Stage Injection

Day 2 : Classroom Discussion Topics

  • 5 Rules of Effective Processing
  • Understanding Part Cooling
  • Understanding Screw Recovery
  • Scientific Process Documentation
  • Scientific Troubleshooting Techniques

Day 2 : Practical Skill Development

  • 2nd Stage Packing Pressure Optimization
  • 2nd Stage Packing Time Optimization
  • 2nd Stage Final Cushion Optimization
  • 2nd Stage Clamp Force Optimization
  • Scientific Melt Temperature Measurement
  • Scientific Coolant Temperature Measurement
  • Scientific Process Documentation

Day 3 : Classroom Discussion Topics

  • 1st Stage Optimization
  • 1st Stage In-Mold Rheology
  • 1st Stage Cavity Imbalance
  • Part Cooling Rate
  • Mold Opening & Closing

Day 3 : Practical Skill Development

  • 1st Stage In-Mold Rheology
  • 1st Stage Speed Study
  • 1st Stage Cavity Imbalance
  • 1st Stage Transfer
  • Cooling Temperature
  • Cooling Time
  • Estimated Shots in Barrel
  • Estimated Dryer Residence Time

Day 4 : Classroom Discussion Topics

  • Practical Rheology
  • Screw Recovery Optimization

Day 4 : Practical Skill Development

Scientific Molding — Process Development & Documentation, using:

  • 1st Stage Comparative In-Mold Rheology
  • Rear Zone Temperature Study
  • Back Pressure Study
  • Screw Recovery Time
  • Optional — Performing a Basic DOE
  • Optional — Comparative Purging Analysis

Post-Requisite Online Training

11 Online Courses

SmartTech™ Process Master Completion Exam

The areas being tested in this exam include:

  • Injection Molding Safety
  • Plastics Material Basics
  • Defect Troubleshooting
  • Scientific Molding
  • Scientific Process
  • Scientific Purging
  • Scientific Documentation

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4 Days of On-Site Training + 21 Advanced Online Courses & Professional Certification

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