Level 2 : Scientific Molding Professional Certification Exam

Routsis Training’s Professional Injection Molding Certification is globally recognized. Moving beyond the basics covered in our Level 1 exam, Level 2 certification requires an advanced understanding of Scientific Molding. Participants must also demonstrate hands-on skills in order to attain certification. The standards in this examination are determined by current industry best practices.

Passing the Online Testing portion requires a good understanding of scientific processing and documentation, as well as die setting, material handling, purging, troubleshooting, and tooling.

The Skills Testing portion of the examination demands a functional demonstration of practical Scientific Injection Molding, including: scientific process development, process documentation, and other critical skills.

Who Should Consider Certification:

Level 2 certification is geared toward engineers and technicians. In short, anyone involved with developing and optimizing Scientific Molding processes can benefit from this enhanced certification. Individuals who get certified can further their careers and improve their standing with their company and the industry at large. Molding and engineering managers should consider offering this certification as a means of verifying they have a confident, capable team.

How to Get Certified:

In order to ensure candidates have both working knowledge and demonstratable skills, our Level 2 Scientific Molding Professional Certification testing is conducted in 2 stages: an Online Test and Hands-on Skills Testing.

The first stage involves completing a comprehensive Online Test, which requires approximately 1.5 hours — with a total time limit of 3 hours. Upon completion of the exam, participants are immediately notified whether they’ve passed or not, via email. Within several days, those who do not pass receive a detailed report indicating areas in which further improvement is needed.

The Skills Testing stage involves completion of hands-on worksheets at an injection molding machine. Portions of these sessions must be recorded on video — as proof that the candidate completed these materials. The completed materials can be uploaded to us for individual review. Successful candidates will receive both a frameable certificate and a wallet-sized card, via post. This usually takes a few days — up to about two weeks. Your records will also be kept on our global database, so additional awards, plaques, and certificate copies can be ordered at any time in the future.

Online Exam Question Categories:

  • Basic Equipment & Machinery Maintenance
  • Die Setting & Material Handling
  • Scientific Molding Process & Documentation
  • Scientific Purging
  • Scientific Troubleshooting
  • Tooling Fundamentals

Practical Skills Demonstrations:

  • Melt Temperature Measurement
  • Coolant Temperature Measurement
  • Scientific Process Documentation
  • 1st Stage Check Ring Evaluation
  • 1st Stage Injection Transfer
  • 1st Stage Injection Pressure Setpoint
  • 1st Stage Injection Time Setpoint
  • 2nd Stage Packing Pressure Study
  • 2nd Stage Packing Time Study
  • 2nd Stage Final Cushion Setpoint
  • 2nd Stage Clamp Force Study
  • Screw Recovery Time

How to Prepare for Level 2 Certification:

Although preparation training is not necessary to achieve certification, participation in Routsis’s Scientific Injection Molding programs can greatly increase a candidate’s chances of passing the exam. Most of our corporate customers use Routsis Training’s exclusive RightStart™ in-house employee development system, as well as our SkillSet™ hands-on labs. For individuals and small companies, we offer an online training package specifically geared toward preparing for and attaining Level 2 certification.

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1 Online Exam (1-3 hours) + Hands-on Worksheets (Upload Required)

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Level 2 : Scientific Molding Professional Certification Training Package

These courses are specifically focused on scientific injection molding and provide participants with the necessary information to prepare for the Level 2 Certification Exam, which is also included in this package.

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54 Online Courses (45-60 hours)
+ Study Guides/Worksheets & Cert. Exam

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