Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are answers to questions we hear frequently from our clients. Click on a question to see the answer. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do I need an in-house training program?

All companies want to improve – one of the easiest ways to reduce scrap, excessive downtime, damaged equipment and customer returns is to improve the skills and confidence of your employees. Since it’s not logical to send all of your employees away for training, the only viable solution for achieving workforce competence is to establish a structured in-house training plan using our RightStart™ program.

What is interactive training?

Interactive training is a computer-based training method in which the participant interacts with the course using a standard keyboard and mouse. The information is presented using animation, digital video, titling, and professional narration. During the course, the participant is asked questions which they must answer correctly before they can proceed. If a question is answered incorrectly, the information pertaining to that question is repeated until the information is retained.

Can interactive training courses be customized?

Yes, our online training is extremely flexible. With our RightStart™ program, all courses can be customized – allowing the facilitator to insert text, digital pictures, video, audio, and questions. Sections of the courses that may not agree with your plant’s mode of operations can be easily turned off. We also provide you with on-site instruction on how to customize our courses as well as create new custom courses on your own.

What support comes with my purchase?

All of our customers receive full customer support. Each portal customer will receive on-site instruction on how to use, customize, track, manage and export reports via their online training portal. We will configure the system, add your employees, provide company-specific training plans and generate hands-on exercises to accompany many of the online training courses. Our primary goal is to ensure that your training initiative gets up and running as soon as possible.

What comes with RightStart™?

First, we will fully configure your online training portal – including setting up all of your employees.

Second, a plastics professional will visit your plant and provide thorough instruction on how to use, track and administer the training.

Third, you will be provided with a digital camera/audio recording device and instructed on how to use it for customizing your training courses or creating your own new courses.

Lastly, we will gather information about your particular training goals and use that information to develop supplemental on-the-job training materials and a plant-specific training plan for all of your employees.

How do I track my employees’ progress?

Our online training portal keeps track of the participant data including who successfully completed the course, when they completed the course and how much time they spent on the course. Users can print their scores upon completing a course that details their percentages on each lesson within a given course. All the online training data can be retrieved from any Internet connection anywhere in the world.

Does interactive training replace hands-on training?

Although interactive training has many benefits, it can never fully replace the need for instruction on the actual production floor. The drawback is that most hands-on training is typically disorganized, causing employees to receive inconsistent and limited information.

We strongly recommend using interactive training in conjunction with focused on-the-job training sessions while making specific goals and objectives to keep the training on track.

How will training reduce employee turnover?

We have found that most employees want to perform well at their jobs but lack the skills and confidence to do so. When supported by management, a structured training initiative shows that the company is committed to its employees and will undoubtedly increase their morale and loyalty.

Why do you use animation in your courses?

Our interactive training courses use 3D animation to illustrate complex concepts. This allows participants to see operations such as the screw melting the plastic pellets or the workings of a slide actuator. Without animation, it is impossible to see exactly how certain processes work, making it difficult to convey the topics effectively.

Is your training up-to-date and relevant?

We have the industry’s largest library of interactive courses in the world – with over 187 plastics training titles and 6 new courses being produced every 12 months. These courses are developed by industry experts emphasizing industry’s best-practices. We have relevant training materials that cater to virtually any plastics company.

Can interactive training be used in the classroom or group environment?

Yes, there are many companies, schools, colleges, and institutions using the software in exactly that capacity. The most effective formula we have seen thus far is when the program is first played over a digital overhead projector, and the students are then allowed to take the training program individually to learn at their own pace and then take test on their own.

Do your courses cover safety?

Our training courses always stress safety and industry best-practices whenever possible. We also offer a full library of health and safety courses. Please contact us for more information regarding which titles are available as new products are constantly being released.

How long should someone train?

We recommend between one or two hours of training a week. In some cases more advanced employees can take a more aggressive approach, but limit individual sessions to one or two hours at a time.

Do I need to hire a facilitator to run my company’s training program?

It is not necessary to hire additional employees to train your workforce. We recommend choosing two employees to share the task of facilitating and scheduling training. The computer-based interactive training is self-sufficient and requires no supervision, just a facilitator to periodically review and monitor participant progress.

What are the specific hardware and software requirement for your online training programs?

The latest versions of our courses are cross-platform will run on almost any modern computer, tablet, or smartphone. Older versions of the courses (before 2015) have more stringent requirements. Please click here for details.

Can I convert PowerPoint™ presentations into custom online courses?

Absolutely. With our RightStart™ program, you can easily add existing training materials – such as .ppt, .doc, and .pdf files to your dedicated training portal and they will act as custom courses that are integrated into your company’s in-house training program.