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Customer Case Study #1

Company Name:

Global Plastics

Number of Machines:

  • 20


  • Needed to do something to train our employees
  • Little talent available
  • Overpaying for processors
  • Long cycle times
  • Technicians know what to do but not why


  • Interactive training
  • Simulation software
  • Focused on-the-job training
  • Global certification

Number of Employees Involved:

  • As many production, management, and sales workers as we can

Immediate Improvements:

  • Employees are much more aware
  • Better understanding of cause and effect
  • More valuable operators
  • Shorter cycle times

Future Improvements:

  • Higher operator efficiency
  • More operator empowerment

Would you Recommend Routsis to Another Company?

  • Yes. They have been extremely helpful.