Intelligent Molder

These courses were produced for technicians and process engineers that want to thoroughly evaluate both the capability and repeatability of a given injection molding machine, injection mold, or injection molding process.

Each course references three in-depth tests and will greatly benefit any participant of RJG’s classroom-based, Master Molder SM Certification Series – either as a primer or as follow-up training.

Part 1 - Machine Evaluation

  • Dynamic Check Ring Repeatability Test
  • Load Sensitivity Test
  • Platen Deflection Test

Part 2 - Mold Evaluation

  • Dynamic Cavity Imbalance Test
  • Mold Deflection Test
  • Tonnage Calculation Worksheet

Part 3 - Process Evaluation

  • In-Mold Rheology Test
  • Gate Seal Worksheet
  • DECOUPLED II SM Process Sheet
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