These online courses convey many of the concepts and theories covered within the RJG DECOUPLED MOLDING SM training seminars.

This four-part training program starts with the major components of the molding process, and progresses to systematic troubleshooting.

The DECOUPLED MOLDING SM system is an ideal processing method intended for anyone interested in optimizing an injection molding process.

Part 1 - Introduction to DECOUPLED MOLDING SM

  • Discusses polymerization, crystallinity, additives, regrind and degradation
  • Lists necessary components of a proper part design
  • Describes the injection molding process in depth; from filling to cooling
  • Covers molding machine components and their functions in depth

Part 2 - DECOUPLED MOLDING SM Techniques

  • Compares traditional and DECOUPLED MOLDING SM
  • Defines the three DECOUPLED MOLDING SM techniques
  • Covers transducers and proper transducer placement
  • Introduces signal conditioners and display devices

Part 3 - Reading and Interpreting Data

  • Provides participants with an understanding of graphs and scaling
  • Explains how to identify different types of graphical curves
  • Introduces the various integrals used in DECOUPLED MOLDING SM
  • Compares ideal and inconsistent pressure curves

Part 4 - Systematic Troubleshooting

  • Discusses the importance of proper process documentation
  • Explains the appearance and symptoms of defects
  • Introduces logical steps involved in troubleshooting defects
  • Describes common processing defects, their causes and corrective actions
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